For this project we have used doors from our Osaka line, made of mirrored glass, metal and wood and Portorico, that includes wood slats and metal pipes as a support of two transparent glass panels. Osaka model is a customised personalization, born from the need of creating continuity with the floor pattern.
In the showroom in Odessa model Piccadilly is shown, with its wood and metal finish and pivot opening system. The door is characterised by wood frame and wood slats, with anodised metal pipes enclosed between two extra light transparent glass panels. A design element that separates ambience and decorates indoor space.
In the futuristic Villa Otto we have selected from our Light Line metal coated doors with invisible jamb (Portrait model).
Las Vegas
For the Veer Tower, a residential building located in Las Vegas, we have chosen Glamour and Light Line doors. In order to satisfy the quality standards required by the Green Building Council, the coating is made of teak wood treated without using formaldehyde.