Luxury Doors & Bespoke Interiors

New challenges, new markets


After fifty years of activity, the company renews itself in order to improve its image on the national and international market and sets new challenges. We start a new adventure by changing our trademark from Boscarredo to BOSCAVENEZIA. We want to highlight the strong continuity with our past, which is linked to experience, professionalism and to our “know-how” of the artisans and of all parties involved. At the same time, strength, energy and new ideas push the company to create products designed to the specific needs of every single customer for the creation of tailor-made luxury doors and interiors. BOSCAVENEZIA offers unique customisable products that constantly evolve, combining the most innovative technologies with design and aesthetic functionality, thus creating a selected network of excellence partnerships.


BOSCAVENEZIA stands for Italian craftsmanship of excellence for indoor doors, custom-made furniture and contract.

The turning point began in the 2000s thanks to the company’s perception of the change that was taking place on the market, which required products to be increasingly exclusive and of high quality. These factors were made possible by the capable hands of expert and passionate artisans, able to deliver higher category products.


Elegance, Handcraft and Quality are the core historical values of BOSCAVENEZIA.

The company is a manufacturing entity, where the skills accrued over fifty years of tradition combine the handcraft quality with the needs of luxury interiors. Ever since the beginning, the company has been able to translate the demand of a high-end market into luxury finished products, with particular focus on style and handcraft finish.

A daily commitment

Environmental sustainability

Every object that is created has its soul, its essence, both functional and communicative. Our task is to enhance its purity, aware and responsible of its cultural, economic and environmental impact. Contemporary projects must focus on the sustainability of the production process, of the product itself and of the consequent behaviours, while the environmental needs must become pre-requirements of contemporary design. We have created our new indoor collection, tailored made using steel, aluminium, wood, iron and glass as valuable materials, recyclable and reusable.

Artisan passion, quality and design


The history of the door manufacturer BOSCAVENEZIA began in far away 1968 in a carpentry workshop in the Padua hinterland. In the workshop the artisans initially created wooden chests and beds for children; they then continued with interior furniture, and then specialised in the production of handmade doors, working the wood with passion and a unique personal style. The quality of their products led to being one of the most known door producers on the market. Taking the past as a starting point, in order to understand and transfer its values ​​to the contemporaneity of our time.

The Made in Italy

Quality of materials

The selection of raw materials in BOSCAVENEZIA takes place through the choice of the best suppliers able to guarantee the quality of the product over time and applying the most innovative solutions in design and architecture. The combination of materials for the realization of the doors must be such as to ensure the performance required by the materials themselves, and obtain the desired effect.

Haute Couture Collection


Detail: Transparent blown glass in vetrocamera for decoration.
Hand decoration Mod Ego”